October 14th, 2020

High School Resource: Home Computer Check by Consumer Jungle

High School Resource Home Computer Check by Consumer Jungle Students will apply their knowledge of staying safe online by checking their home computer for software and back-up devices. Related NY State Academic Standards: WST.9-10.6, WST.11-12.6, MST2.C.IS3C and more!  Be sure to check out our Educational Resources, featuring thousands of activities, lesson plans, constructed-response questions, rubrics, […]

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February 25th, 2020

Middle School Resource: Reading Online Informational Text by St. Lawrence-Lewis BOCES

Middle School Resource Reading Online Informational Text This is part of a unit addressing the skill of reading non-fiction and informational texts both in print and online. I have started with a focus on reading textbooks in social studies and science. Mid-way through the unit, I make a transition to “everyday, real world” reading. The […]

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