May 15th, 2023

Elementary School Resource: “Flower Power” Beautification Program


Elementary School Resource

“Flower Power” Beautification Program


In this activity:

  • Students will design a school wide beautification program.
  • Students will apply scientific concepts, principles, and theories pertaining to the physical setting and living environment.
  • Students will examine related career options in fields of horticulture and technology.
  • Students will apply mathematical concepts related to the project (graphing data, analyzing data, creating and using a budget.)


  • Students brainstorm answers to the question “How do human decisions and activities have an impact upon the physical and living environment?”
  • Students survey the school ground property and identify areas in need of beautification.
  • Students write a letter of request to the board of education, seeking permission to participate in a beautification project; they explain that they will provide all plans for approval before initiation of any work.
  • Students write letters to a landscape architect, surveyor, and horticulturist, requesting their presence as guest speakers. They will be asked to present information on landscape design, plant selection, and design implementation.
  • Students take notes on different approaches to design and implementation provided during the speakers’ visitations.
  • Students research various plants, their applicability to the area, and their costs.
  • Students design and measure planting areas and identify the types and number of the plants on the basis of research.
  • Students prepare a budget and inventory of needed supplies and materials.
  • Students draw blueprints for the beautification areas.
  • Students create a graphic presentation of the proposed beautification project, including all blueprints, budgets, and needed supplies. Students make presentation to school board (or school council), seeking final approval.
  • Students execute the beautification design, cultivating the area and planting all seeds, bulbs, and plants.
  • Students graph growth patterns and maintain a landscaper’s log.
  • Students maintain the garden.
  • Students discuss the various aspects of the project.

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