NYLearns Subscription

Invest in the future of your schools, classrooms, and students with confidence. Subscribe to NYLearns today.

Why should my district subscribe?

Users with a NYLearns subscription are able to create, manage, and continually improve standards-based curricula. With exclusive access to thousands of educational resources and a complete suite of teacher tools, educators can make an immediate impact on student success. As an added incentive, partners of NYLearns benefit from reduced overall software costs for their entire district.

Who can subscribe?

NYLearns subscriptions are available at the district or building level. However, free access to limited content is available to public users of any kind.

How much does it cost?

Good news: the annual NYLearns subscription is priced lower than any single curriculum mapping program currently available. Additionally, building or district level subscriptions may be aided by BOCES.

Which teacher tools are right for you? Find out on our NYLearns features page.
For more info about how to subscribe, email contact@nylearns.org or call 1.800.590.6126.