May 8th, 2023

Elementary School Resource: Take Your Child to Work Day

Elementary School Resource

Take Your Child to Work Day


In this activity, students will participate in the national “Take Your Child to Work Day.”


  • “Take Your Child to Work Day” (TYCWD) describes a structure for learning before, during, and after the job-shadowing day.
  • Teacher identifies the students taking part in TYCWD approximately one to two weeks before the date.
  • Teacher invites these students to a pre-TYCWD meeting. At this meeting, students complete a life skills inventory sheet.
  • Teacher shows a video about workplace skills and behavior. Students list skills used in video excerpts and/or role-play, showing workplace scenarios.
  • On the day of the shadowing, students observe skills being used on the job and list them on the graphic organizer form.
  • Students schedule and conduct an interview at the work site and take notes.
  • Teacher holds a post-TYCWD meeting. In small groups or in pairs, students discuss their job-shadowing experience before whole group sharing.
  • Students write thank-you notes, using the thank-you note graphic organizer.

Related NY State Academic Standards: W.3.7, SL.3.3, W.4.2.d, and more!

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