May 10th, 2023

Middle School Resource: Jobs of the Future

Middle School Resource

Jobs of the Future

In this activity:

  • Students will develop an understanding and awareness of traditional and nontraditional careers and job availability.
  • Students will become aware of the education and training needed to prepare for a career or job.


  • Students brainstorm a list of traditional and nontraditional careers.
  • Students identify what they need to know about the careers.
    • Education and training
    • Salary
    • Job requirements
    • Mobility requirements
  • Each student selects one of the listed careers and researches that career.
  • A representative from a printing firm or from the commercial arts class at the vocational school talks to the class about designing effective brochures. On the basis of the information received, the students create rubrics for their brochures.
  • Students use desktop publishing software to create brochures about the researched careers.
  • Brochures are reproduced and placed in the career resource file.
  • Copies are sent to the high schools for their resource files.Students make a presentation to the class on their researched career.

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