November 8th, 2021

Elementary School Resource: Veteran’s Day

Elementary School Resource Veteran’s Day This site provides information about Veteran’s Day. It also offers resources, lesson plans, and activities for Memorial Day. There are also suggested ways for students to connect to American soldiers available on the site. Related NY State Academic Standards: SS.K.ID.3.b, SS.K.ID.3.b.1, SS.1.ID.2.a.2, and more! Be sure to check out our […]

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September 20th, 2021

Elementary School Resource: Canal Map from New York State Canal System

Elementary School Resource Canal Map from New York State Canal System This is a website of New York State and highlights the Canal system. It is interactive as there are various features, such as lock locations and speed limits, that can be viewed. This resource is appropriate for grade level(s) 4. Related NY State Academic […]

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May 31st, 2021

Elementary School Resource: Social Studies –Communities

Elementary School Resource Social Studies –Communities After this activity, the child will be able to: 1. Listen to Moo in the Morning by Barbara Maitland. 2. Understand what can be seen in a rural setting. 3. Listen to A City Is by Norman Rosten. 4. Understand what can be seen in an urban setting. 5. […]

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