April 6th, 2021

Middle School Resource: Classroom Idea- Clarifying with Grouping Symbols

Middle School Resource Classroom Idea- Clarifying with Grouping Symbols Have students express the numbers 1 through 10 by combining 4’s with any mathematical operation. They must make sure they use the order of operations correctly and use parentheses when needed to show exceptions; for example, 5 = (4 x 4 + 4) / 4. Encourage […]

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April 5th, 2016

Help Students Make Good Life Choices with these Educational Resources

Free Resources to Teach Students to Make Good Life Choices Help students make good life choices with these FREE Educational Resources–all aligned to NY State Academic Standards.   Elementary School Wide World of Sports In this activity, students will explore careers in sports (other than careers as players). This lesson opens the door to the […]

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