April 6th, 2021

Middle School Resource: Classroom Idea- Clarifying with Grouping Symbols

Middle School Resource Classroom Idea- Clarifying with Grouping Symbols Have students express the numbers 1 through 10 by combining 4’s with any mathematical operation. They must make sure they use the order of operations correctly and use parentheses when needed to show exceptions; for example, 5 = (4 x 4 + 4) / 4. Encourage […]

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June 5th, 2018

Middle School Resource: Summer Daze

Summer Daze by Illuminations Students begin by breaking down a typical summer day into a variety of activities and the amount of time they spend on each. They then translate their activity times into a simplified fraction, a decimal, and a percent. Students create a pie chart for this information that is unique to them. […]

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