May 19th, 2021

Middle School Resource: Fantasy Baseball and Math by St. Lawrence-Lewis BOCES

Middle School Resource

Fantasy Baseball and Math by St. Lawrence-Lewis BOCES

This learning experience involves two of my favorite things, fantasy baseball and math. Students participating in this learning experience will be creating a fantasy baseball team by purchasing Major League Baseball (MLB) players from a provided list. Students will compete by earning points based on real-life statistics for these players. The purpose of this learning experience is to reinforce the previously taught concept of adding fractions. Students will be working in collaboration with others to gather data and will be adding fractions with unlike denominators. The students will be gathering their players’ statistics and computing the number of points for that player based on a provided scale. The student with the most points at the end of the experience is the winner.

Related NY State Academic Standards: 7.NS.1, MST2.I.IS.1.2, MST3.6.N.16, and MST5.I.CT3.2!

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