September 23rd, 2014

NYLearns Vertical Viewer

A New Vertical View of the New York State Standards

As educators, we are aware that standards increase in complexity and sophistication as students advance.  So how can NYLearns users see the increase in rigor within a particular strand of a standard as a student moves from grade to grade?

Introducing the NYLearns Vertical Viewer.

The Vertical Viewer is designed to demonstrate the vertical alignment of the state standards throughout the grade levels and provide further clarity of the depth and complexity of the standards.

How the Vertical Viewer Works

Clicking on a cell in the Vertical Viewer allows you to locate educational resources and assessment items that can be used during instruction.  You may elect to look at resources for your grade level, or you may elect to locate resources from a previous grade level for review and reinforcement, or from a higher grade level to use with advanced students.

For example, a 4th grade teacher can look at grades PreK-3 and see what students should have been taught within a specific domain of the standards before they reach her.  The same teacher can also look at grades 5 and beyond to see what she should be preparing them for.

The Vertical Viewer is also a helpful tool for administrators who are writing curriculum, because a review of the vertical articulation of the standards can help to ensure that the appropriate concepts are being taught at the appropriate level and that concepts are not being repeated in multiple grade levels.

You can find the Vertical Viewer under the Standards tab on the NYLearns main menu.

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