October 21st, 2014

A Better Way to Organize Your ePortfolio

Every NYLearns account includes free unlimited cloud storage for things like documents, videos, bookmarks, and anything else you might use in the classroom.  That’s right, we said UNLIMITED CLOUD STORAGE!

However, we’ve noticed that some users are deleting their documents from their ePortfolio once they’ve used them, presumably to avoid clutter.

Not a good idea.

One of the great advantages of storing all of your teacher resources in your ePortfolio is being able to connect them to all of your teacher tools. For example, you can add a homework assignment to your teacher website, add an assessment to a lesson plan using your ePlanner, or even add a video to your curriculum map!

But, if you delete from your ePortfolio a document that’s linked to more than one tool, your Curriculum Map and your website for example, it breaks the link in both instances.  Frustrating, I know.

If you’re worried about clutter, create new folders in your ePortfolio based on grade level, subject area, month, or, for the avid uploaders, even the week.  That way you can keep all of your documents in your ePortfolio so they’re easily accessible anywhere you have an internet connection, and you can still find everything quickly.

So stop worrying about storage and start uploading!

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