May 31st, 2017

High School Resource: My Solar System by PhET

High School Resource My Solar System by PhET This simulation will allow students to build their own solar system of a sun, planets and moons, and watch their paths as they move about one another. With this orbit simulator, you can set initial positions, velocities, and masses of 2, 3, or 4 bodies, and then […]

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May 30th, 2017

Middle School Resource: Life In Space – International Space Station by Discovery Education

Middle School Resource Life In Space: International Space Station by Discovery Education Students will understand the following: An environment with almost no gravity challenges humans living in space. Humans must adjust their diets, sanitation, and sleep patterns; wear space suits; and conduct specially designed experiments. ISS inhabitants perform the daily functions of life in space […]

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May 29th, 2017

Elementary School Resource: Exploring Mars

Elementary School Resource Exploring Mars Between 1999 and 2007, NASA is sending ten spacecraft to investigate Mars. To take advantage of this historic set of explorations, NASA’s Mars Exploration Program has created a series of curriculum modules to connect students to the excitement and learning potential of these missions. Related NY State Academic Standards: N-VM.1, […]

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