November 12th, 2018

Elementary School Resource: America’s Colonial Period

Elementary School Resource America’s Colonial Period This site provides information about the economy of colonial America. It discusses the use of trade, mercantile, etc. The various people and their roles they had in helping create the economy are mentioned, as well as what some of the colonies were economically known for. The passage teaches about […]

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January 10th, 2017

Middle School Resource: An Era Of Innovation by Discovery Education

Middle School Resource An Era Of Innovation by Discovery Education In this lesson plan, students will research significant transportation milestones during the past century; determine the impact of these milestones on society, the economy, communication, travel, and their lives; and design and present “decade in transportation” exhibits. Related NY State Academic Standards: MST5.E.HT5, MST5.E.HT5.1, MST5.E.IT6 […]

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