September 1st, 2022

Back to School Resources for Educators

Back to school collection of supplies with handwritten calligraphy with blackboard. Cute vector illustrationWelcome back to school! We’re here to help you prepare for the new school year by providing educational resources that you can implement directly into your classrooms and school districts.

You may not know that NYLearns is a division of PLS 3rd Learning. At PLS 3rd Learning, we help educators and schools reach their full potential through web-based systems and professional learning opportunities. Below is a list of content that you might find helpful as you enter the 2022-23 school year.

NYLearns Blog: Classroom Resources for K-12 Teachers

Each week we feature resources that include lesson plans, learning experience/units, e-books, interactive maps, web-based practices, and so much more. These items s can be applied to your classroom as they are categorized by different grade levels and subjects. If you have a desired resource in mind, you can access it through our advanced search.

PLS Classes Blog

PLS Classes offers 35+ graduate courses for K-12 educators through partnerships with colleges and universities in multiple formats. Each month, PLS Classes provides new ideas to help you in and out of the classroom. Head over to their blog for an assortment of teacher-related content. PLS Classes also provides free printables that are easy to download and use in your classroom. From seasonal to everyday activities, these printables are available for all different grade levels.

Steve Barkley Ponders Out Loud Podcast & Blog

As a partner of NYLearns and an experienced education consultant, Steve Barkley offers insight on important education topics through his blog and podcast, Steve Barkley Ponders Out Loud. He has an abundance of podcasts for teachers and some that you can share with your student’s parents or guardians. His blog articles and podcasts pertain to instructional coaches, school leaders, and educators from all over the world. Find out more about Steve Barkley.

SuperEval Resources for School Leaders

SuperEval provides online evaluations for K-12 leaders. For those of you who work in K-12 administration, SuperEval’s blog provides best practices and ideas to help you navigate the challenges of school leadership. The blog articles cover the ground for all levels of school leadership and how to better support teachers and staff. SuperEval also offers audio resources that allow you to listen to blog articles while on the go. Read more about SuperEval.

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