November 23rd, 2015

Preparing for January State Testing Amid Holiday Breaks

With only 8 weeks between Thanksgiving and January state testing (1/26 – 1/29), you may be scrambling to find resources to help your students prepare for exams. Luckily, NYLearns has the resources you need to thoroughly prep your students for tests.

Standard-aligned Resources

Many of you know that the NYLearns Assessment Builder is the perfect tool for quickly building practice tests from actual past NYS Regents Exam questions to identify target areas where your students need improvement.

Once you’ve identified those target areas, you can use the Standards tab to find resources appropriate for strengthening students’ knowledge in those target areas. All of NYLearns’ standards are searchable by keyword and are aligned with educational resources like lesson plans, learning experience/units, e-books, interactive maps, web-based practices, and more.

Regents Exam Prep Center

Now that you’ve identified target areas where your students need improvement and used standards-aligned educational resources to strengthen student understanding of that material, it’s time to prep for Regents exams.

Check out the Regents Exam Prep Center resource, which helps high school students meet NYS Regents requirements in English, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Located on the Test Preparation page under the Assessment tab, the Regents Exam Prep Center gives teachers and students easy access to the tools needed for success, including lessons, resources, interactive games, and more!

Even if your students aren’t testing until the end of the school year, this may be the perfect way to tackle those tricky days near the holidays.

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