March 13th, 2015

Introduce Visual Learning with Videos for Your Classroom

Looking for new educational content to freshen up your lessons this spring? NYLearns offers thousands of educational videos from content providers like LearnZillion and the Southwest Educational Development Laboratory (SEDL). The videos are all aligned to NYS Common Core standards, so you can differentiate instruction while entertaining your classroom.

While videos from SEDL support specific NYS Common Core standards by demonstrating how to implement standards in your classroom, LearnZillion provides instructional content that combines video lessons, assessments, and progress reporting. With access to these videos at NYLearns, you can build dynamic curriculum maps that make lessons more engaging to students.

3 Easy Ways to Find Videos that Fit Your Curriculum

1. Find Standards First

  • Visit the Standards tab on the main menu and search for standards aligned to a specific grade level and subject area.
  • Locate your desired standard and click the “Educational Resources” button associated with it.
  • Find LearnZillion or SEDL resources that work with to the standard you selected.

2. Search NYLearns Educational Resources

  • Visit the Educational Resources tab.
  • Enter “LearnZillion” or “SEDL” in the search box.
  • Filter results by grade level and/or subject area.
  • Click “Search.”

3. Pre-filter Your Search by Content Provider

  • Visit the Content Providers page, accessible on the submenu of the Educational Resources tab.
  • Click “LearnZillion” or “SEDL” on the alphabetical list of content providers.
  • View video resources available on NYLearns.

Save and organize videos in your ePortfolio to quickly embed them in curriculum maps and lesson plans. Just click “Add to My ePortfolio” once you’ve located video resources you’d like to save.

Add a visual component to your curriculum today! Start searching video resources on NYLearns here.

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