April 21st, 2015

4 Easy Ways to Prep for Final Exams

The end of the school year is quickly approaching, and that means one thing: exam time! You’ve lesson planned. You’ve differentiated instruction. You’ve pop-quizzed. You’ve organized study groups. You’ve gone the extra mile for your students all year to ensure they are prepared for exams in June.

Now that it’s crunch time though, what are you doing to prepare yourself for exams? Luckily, NYLearns has all of the resources you need to stay organized and prepare your students for exams with ease.

1. Know Your Exam Schedule

This one seems pretty obvious, but we can all be forgetful sometimes. Exams have a tendency to sneak up on us, especially with all of our other daily responsibilities, so we’ll make this one really easy for you.

Visit the Assessment tab on the NYLearns main menu, and then click on NYS Exam Schedule. Here, you’ll find accurate June 2015 exam schedules for Elementary, Intermediate, and High School.


2. Build Customized Practice Assessments

Pop Quiz! Q: What’s the easiest way to build practice exams for your students? A: NYLearns Assessment Builder.

The NYLearns Assessment Builder allows users to build printable practice tests based on past NYS Regents exams. Search for questions by grade level and subject area, and filter results by standard, key idea, or performance indicator. Plus, you can quickly save all of your practice tests and answer keys in your ePortfolio for easy access any time.


3. Explore Test Prep Resources

Google usually provides all of the answers to your biggest questions. Sometimes, too many answers… When it comes to finding test prep resources specific to NY State exams, you want fast and focused search results. That’s why NYLearns has organized some of the best websites available for offering students help in preparing for various exams.

Visit Test Preparation, located under the Assessment tab on the main menu, to find resources that offer general test-taking tips, online tutorials, and practice tests to help you prepare your students for upcoming tests.


4. Organize Resources with a “June 2015” ePortfolio Folder

How many times have you found a great online resource for your classroom, gotten distracted and navigated away from that page, and then spent hours trying to find that same resource? Stop racking your brain, and start bookmarking with NYLearns ePortfolio.

First, start a new “June 2015 Exams” folder in your ePortfolio. Next, locate test prep resources that fit your students’ needs, copy the URL and use the “Add Bookmark” button in your ePortfolio. Give your bookmark a relevant title, add a quick description, paste your URL in the corresponding box, and click “Save.” All of your end-of-the-year test prep resources in one location.


Be prepared and stay organized with NYLearns. Good luck on exams!

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