June 14th, 2017

High School Resource: Writing Short Stories: The Fun Way by ECSDM

High School Resource

Writing Short Stories: The Fun Way by ECSDM

All students have great creative short stories implanted in their minds, however, many of them lack the confidence to write the story down.

Here is a fun approach to engage students in the creative writing of original short stories that involves the entire class in the process.

Using the elements of a short story – character, conflict, and resolution – students are introduced to the writing monster “C-Gor”, an acronym for character, goal, obstacle, and result, along with a fun approach in brainstorming ideas for creative writing.

During the introduction of the writing monster “C-Gor” using SMART Board technology, the entire class brainstorms together to create an interesting collage of ideas that, through the use of a code, can be combined into an interesting short story.

Once the lesson is complete, students will be able to use the technique to breakdown the invisible wall that is traditionally known as “writer’s block.”

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