May 11th, 2016

Writing Original Adventures, Expository Writing, & Writing Short Stories the Fun Way

Writing Original Adventures, Expository Writing, & Writing Short Story

Teach your students the extraordinary experience of writing original adventures. Write short stories and practicing expository writing with these FREE Educational Resources –aligned to NY State Academic Standards–from NYLearns.

Writing Original Adventures Expository Writing Writing Short Stories


Elementary School

Unique Imaginary Friends: Writing Original Adventures About Imaginary Sidekicks

In this lesson plan, students will create an original imaginary friend, inspired by Ted from Tony DiTerlizzi’s wonderful picture book. The writer will then think of an ordinary activity done on a daily basis, like feeding the family dog. The writer will write about doing the ordinary activity, but he/she will pretend that the activity is being done with the imaginary friend that has been created.

Related NY State Academic Standards: RL.2.5, RL.2.11, RL.5.11, and more!

Middle School

Expository Writing

In this learning experience, students will be introduced to expository writing. Students will learn how to write for varied purposes, such as giving directions, explaining a situation or event, and telling how a process happens. Students will practice and develop their expository writing skills through writing announcements, invitations, messages, and paragraphs that give directions or an explanation.

Related NY State Academic Standards: W.6.1.a, W.6.1.b, W.6.2, and more!

High School

Writing Short Stories: The Fun Way

  • In this lesson plan, students will:
  • use organizational strategies to develop an original short story.
  • understand and implement the basic elements of a short story in their creative writing.
  • improve both language and use of conventions in their creative writing.
  • employ the editing process to polish their creative writing.
  • share original stories and critique writing in a positive, productive fashion.

Related NY State Academic Standards: W.9-10.3, W.9-10.3.a, W.9-10.3.b, and more!

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