February 26th, 2015

Want to Diversify Your Lessons? Start with Our Featured Content.

What if I told you that you could find all of the standards-aligned instructional content and educational resources you need in one place no matter what grade level or subject area you teach?

Look no further than NYLearns’ Featured Content section. Located under the Educational Resources tab on the main menu, Featured Content offers new instructional content and educational resources, updated weekly by our team of experienced educators.

Each week, new resources like lesson plans, multimedia, activities, rubrics, web-based practices, and more, are highlighted in our Featured Content area. Plus all of our content is grouped by grade level, making it easy to quickly find content for elementary, middle school, or high school students.

Our content team delivers quality resources that can be used your classroom immediately to help ensure student success.

New Social Studies CM’s Are Here!

Also be sure to check out the over one hundred model Social Studies curriculum maps featured on NYLearns. Based on the new social studies framework released by NYSED last spring, NYLearns’ social studies curriculum maps are packed with key ideas, conceptual understandings, concept specifications, and references to specific Common Core Standards.

You can find the new social studies curriculum maps by visiting My Curriculum in your My NYLearns section once you’ve logged in. Use the NYLearns Model Common Core Maps tab and select “Social Studies” in the Subject Area box to find the right map for your classroom.

Coming in April, we’ll also have standards-aligned educational resources and assessments for every social studies curriculum map. Until then, you can use the current framework as a template to add your own resources or assessments when necessary.

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