August 26th, 2013

The Labor Day Edition

Students know it’s a holiday – the last picnic of the summer, a long weekend to relax (and get ready for back-to-school), but do they really know what Labor Day celebrates? Our Featured Content will help you put the idea of work in perspective for them, and why it’s important in our society.

  • Elementary Pick: Who Am I?
    Using photographs or magazine pictures, help students match the images with job descriptions and job titles to answer the essential question, “How do find out what I need to know to become an effective worker?”
  • Intermediate Pick: Jobs of the Future
    This lesson will help students become aware of the education and training needed for a specific job. They’ll take this information and develop a brochure on the job they’ve researched, and share this with their classmates.
  • Commencement Pick: Career Exploration
    Help students to see the connection between success in school and being able to reach their career goals with this unit, which includes the use of a SMART board, computers, and more.

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