October 16th, 2017

Elementary School Resource: Pumpkin Facts

Elementary School Resource

Pumpkin Facts

What color are pumpkins? Where are pumpkins grown? What shapes are pumpkins? What can you do to or with a pumpkin?

In this lesson, children are asked to share facts about pumpkins that they already know. After reading books about pumpkins, children are encouraged to share new facts or lessons learned.

Related NY State Academic Standards: RL.PK.1, RL.PK.5, RL.PK.10, and more!

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2 Responses to “ Elementary School Resource: Pumpkin Facts ”

  1. Lindsay Heller Says:

    I subscribe to NY Learns and was wondering how to connect to the website listed.

  2. Jennifer Jordan Says:

    Hi Thank you for your comment! Here is the direct link to the resource: https://www.nylearns.org/module/content/search/item/960/viewdetail.ashx#sthash.PIlqkSTq.55vzmVnX.dpbs

    Please let us know if you have any issues connecting.

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