November 9th, 2022

Middle School Resource: Veterans Day Observance

Middle School Resource

Veterans Day Observance


  • Students will gain an awareness of various employment opportunities at a hospital.
  • Students will become aware of the importance of veterans.


  • Students write letters to local veterans’ medical facilities, inviting them to send representatives to their class.
  • Teacher works with hospital staff to ensure that representatives from various departments visit the class.
  • Medical center representatives provide information on employment opportunities and educational requirements.
  • Students write to patients at the veterans’ hospital to invite them to speak to the class.
  • Invited veterans give oral presentations on military experiences and government programs for veterans.
  • Hold a social following the assembly.
  • Students conduct additional research on services or lack of services for veterans.
  • Students write thank-you notes to visitors.
  • Students write letters about veterans’ concerns to local, state, and national political leaders.

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