December 22nd, 2021

Middle School Resource: Blackboards and Butcher Blocks

Middle School Resource

Blackboards and Butcher Blocks

In this activity, students will gain information about the jobs available in the foodservice industry and demonstrate knowledge of basic accounting skills, product management, and health issues.


  • Students visit a local restaurant and get a behind-the-scenes look at a restaurant operation.
  • The restaurant manager, or representative, conducts a career tour highlighting skills necessary for each job. Students record information on an inventory sheet with four columns. Headings include “Job Title,” “Responsibilities,” “Necessary Skills,” and “School Preparation.” (see Job Inventory Sheet)
  • Students work with a local nutritionist and the school’s cafeteria manager to determine a nutritional meal for senior citizens that the students could prepare in the school’s cafeteria (with assistance and guidance from the cafeteria’s staff).
  • Working with the restaurant manager as a mentor, students create a mock restaurant in the school cafeteria, hosting a meal for the elderly.
  • Students complete the following activities:
    • establish a budget
    • order supplies (identify prices)
    • create advertisements and menus
    • develop spreadsheets for accounting revenues and expenditures
    • work with cafeteria staff on preparation of meal
    • set up the cafeteria as a restaurant
    • greet, seat, and serve senior citizens
    • clean up

Related NY State Academic Standards: HPF, HPF.FC.I.2, HPF.FC.I.2.1, and more!

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