June 14th, 2016

Learning Symbolism, A History of the American Flag, & The Red Badge of Courage

Learning Symbolism, A History of the American Flag, & The Red Badge of Courage

Inspire your students with a history of the American flag, teach them figurative language through learning symbolism, and listen to The Red Badge of Courage audiobook. All of NYLearns’ Educational Resources are FREE and aligned to NY State Academic Standards.

Learning Symbolism: History of the American Flag Learning Symbolism Learning Symbolism: The Red Badge of Courage


Elementary School

American Flag History

In this lesson, design to check comprehension of facts learned about the American flag, students will create a trading card inspired by facts and thoughts about this national symbol.

Related NY State Academic Standards: RF.2.3, RF.2.3.f, W.2.8, and more!

Middle School

Introduction to Symbolism

In this lesson plan, students will deepen their understanding of figurative language with the introduction, identification and implementation of symbolic elements in their reading and writing. Figurative language goes above and beyond the literal meaning of words. Symbolism is one out of many figurative elements that students need to be able to recognize and utilize in their literacy. A symbol is anything that stands for and represents something else, and symbols are very common in everyday life. Students, who are able to classify and analyze colors, animals and objects with symbolic interpretations, have a greater understanding of description and thematic imaging.

Related NY State Academic Standards: RL.7.3, RL.7.4, R.CCR.11, and more!

High School

The Red Badge of Courage from ThoughtAudio.com

This is an audiobook version of The Red Badge of Courage, a story about a young soldier, Henry Fleming, fighting in the American Civil War. It is a vivid and stark portrayal of war on the human psyche, interspersed with symbolic imagery and biblical metaphors. The story realistically portrays the young soldier’s physical and psychological struggles after fleeing from his first encounter with a battle. He returns to his regiment to become a strong soldier and even taking on the task of the flag bearer in the final battle. Though Stephen Crane had never been in any combat situations, his interviews with a wide number of veterans enabled him to create this novel, widely regarded as a unusually realistic depiction of a young man in battle.

Related NY State Academic Standards: RL.9-10.7.a, RL.11-12.7.a, RL.11-12.9, and more!

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