May 28th, 2021

High School Resource: Be Your Own Chief Editor by ECSDM

High School Resource

Be Your Own Chief Editor by ECSDM

The purpose of this lesson is to reinforce the importance of good grammar for students entering the 9th grade. Used early in the year, this lesson is designed to set writing standards that include the importance of proper editing. The lesson helps students differentiate between informal writing, such as e-mail language and informal note writing, and the more formal writing requirements of the English Language Arts curriculum.

The lesson includes an interactive SMART Board presentation that introduces the basic rules of punctuation and grammar. The lesson also includes standard proofreader marks and abbreviations commonly used in the editing process. These symbols and abbreviations not only help students edit their writing, but also facilitate advanced communication between the teacher and student during the writing process. Once these standards are established, students become more aware of the importance of proper grammar and punctuation during the writing process with the ultimate goal of improved communication.

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