November 19th, 2021

High School Resource: Mind Your Own Business

High School Resource

Mind Your Own Business

In this activity, student groups create and illustrate the perfect place to work.


  • As a group, you create and illustrate the “perfect” place to work.
  • You may decide to manufacture a product, provide a service, manage information, etc.
  • You may decide to help people in need, build bridges, sell “great ideas,” etc.
  • You may decide to do a combination of things (products and services) in order for each member of your group to be happy at work.
  • You decide which job each of you will take within this business. You need to include a leader or manager of the business (someone who is in charge). What things will each of you be responsible for to make the workplace or business successful?
  • You may also decide what kind of work environment you want; factors to consider include physical appearance, setting, work schedule, relationships among yourselves (supervisors, middle management), etc.
  • As in many workplaces, you are short-staffed. There is more work than your team can handle! You may get more staff, but there is no guarantee. How would you divide your current workload if you lost a member of your team to another workplace? How would you recruit new members to your workplace?

Related NY State Academic Standards: CDOS.C.1.1.A, CDOS.C.1.1.B, CDOS.C.1.1.C, and more!

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