June 10th, 2022

High School Resource: International Business Travel

High School Resource

International Business Travel


This project requires students to assume the role of an employee of a business. This person has been assigned the task of researching a country where the company is hoping to expand. They find facts about this country and make travel plans for their business manager to attend a meeting while in this country. They should base their research on the assumption that the meeting will be held in the country’s capital city. Students research:

  • Facts about the country: population, geographic area, demographics, government structure, and economic structure.
  • Economic facts: imports, exports, chief agricultural products, foreign exchange, currency, and transportation modes available.
  • Travel information: methods/cost of travel to the country, methods of travel while in the country, hotel accommodations, and communication modes available in the country.
  • Culture and customs: customs that affect business relations, holidays, major religions, and etiquette.
  • Eating habits: general cost of meals/restaurants, whether American food is served in the country, and times people tend to eat.


  • After research is completed, an itinerary is prepared detailing the business manager’s visit to the country. This itinerary should cover the visit from the moment the executive walks out the door en route to the airport to the moment s/he lands safely back in the United States and arrives in ______. Students should allow adequate travel time, and include all essential information. The trip should last no longer than three business days. The budget should be between $1,000 and $2,000, though the lower the cost, the more impressed the business manager will be.


  • Students prepare a presentation to share their research findings with the rest of the class.

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