March 25th, 2022

High School Resource: Hydroponics System

High School Resource

Hydroponics System

In this activity, students create an operational hydroponics system, using appropriate hydroponics theory and construction methods.


  1. Students design and construct a hydroponics system, using the nutrient flow technique that allows successful germination and growth of the selected vegetable seeds. Correct design and construction methods must be used.
  2. Students collect daily observations for both the rate of germination and plant growth. They then summarize the results and conclusions of their design.
  3. Students present results to the class. Comparisons across systems will be made and will focus on system design and its impact on seed germination and plant growth.

Related NY State Academic Standards: CDOS.C.1.1.B, CDOS.C.1.1.C, CDOS.C.2.1.A, and more!

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