December 31st, 2021

High School Resource: Electrician’s Math

High School Resource

Electrician’s Math

In this activity, students will use formulas to calculate the number of amperes a typical house could use.


  • Students, working in groups or as a class, determine the typical electrical devices found in a home. (Don’t forget the lights!)
  • Students determine the wattage rating of each device. Students check the nameplates of appliances, contact local appliance stores, or use the Internet to gather the specific information.
  • Students use the formula, Wattage = Voltage X Ampere, to calculate the amount of current for each appliance.
  • The information is to be included in a spreadsheet. Students calculate the total number of amperes.
  • Students discuss the concerns of an electrician (e.g., regarding whether or not all devices would be used simultaneously).
  • Discuss the most efficient way (mathematically) to reduce the use of electricity.

Related NY State Academic Standards: WST.9-10.6, WST.11-12.6, CDOS.C.2.1.A, and more!

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