September 2nd, 2013

Helpful Resources For Health Science

Classrooms – the easiest place for a virus to go viral. Now that we’re all getting back in the swing of things, this week’s Featured Content will help you drive home the need for hygiene, as well as jump-start discussions about biology, chemistry, how advertising affects the health choices we make, and more.

  • Elementary Pick: Germs and the Importance of Washing Your Hands
    You can’t really see germs – or can you? This lesson helps illustrate the importance of hand washing in a fun, yet graphic science experiment little ones can easily understand.
  • Intermediate Pick: Advertising and Healthy Decisions
    Students study the persuasive techniques advertisers use to promote the use of alcohol and tobacco – and then demonstrate their comprehension by creating their own ad parodies.
  • Commencement Pick: Eating & Exercise
    Childhood obesity is a very real problem, and one way to help students make better lifestyle choices is providing them with information. By exploring the relationship between calories and weight, they will realize that they need to burn off the fuel they consume with exercise in order to stay healthy.

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