May 16th, 2016

Experiment with Math & Science Resources from Exploratorium

Experiment with Math & Science Resources from Exploratorium

Put your students’ minds to the test as they experiment with these math and science resources from Exploratorium! All of NYLearns’ Educational Resources are FREE and aligned to NY State Academic Standards.

Spinning Cylinder Experiment by Exploratorium Bicycle Wheel Experiment by Exploratorium Radioactive Decay Model Experiment by Exploratorium


Elementary School

Spinning Cylinder by Exploratorium

A piece of pipe with a mark at each end is set rotating and spinning at the same time. Amidst the blur of the moving cylinder, one of the marks appears three times, forming a stationary triangle.

Related NY State Academic Standards: 8.EE.2, N-VM.1, N-VM.2,, and more!

Middle School

Bicycle Wheel Gyro by Exploratorium

In the weightless environment of the space shuttle, the astronauts experimented with a toy gyroscope. Even when an astronaut gave the spinning gyro a shove, the toy’s axle stubbornly resisted changing direction. Any rapidly spinning wheel exhibits this gyroscopic property. A spinning bicycle wheel resists efforts to tilt it and point the axle in a new direction. You can use this tendency to take yourself for an unexpected spin. Make a Gyro and use it as a demonstration for your class. You may also have some students help you.

Related NY State Academic Standards: MST4.I.PS5.1

High School

Radioactive Decay Model by Exploratorium

Throwing 100 coins, removing all those that come up tails, and placing them in piles gives us a hands-on model for radioactive decay. The piles graphically show the meaning of the term half-life.

Related NY State Academic Standards: MST3.A1.A.9 & MST4.C.C.PS4.4

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