February 27th, 2023

Elementary School Resource: Rainbow Activities


Elementary School Resource

Rainbow Activities

In this activity, students will practice spelling the word wall words with different colors.


  • paper
  • crayons, colored pencil, markers, and/or paints and paintbrushes


  • Prepare a sample and assemble the materials.


Rainbow Writing: Ask the students to rainbow write their weekly words by making each letter of a word a different color. You may have them do this one or more times for each word. As a variation, you may wish to have them color the vowels one color and the consonants another color.

Rainbow Painting: This activity is the same as rainbow writing except the students use paints and brushes or finger paints instead. Display the painted words on the word wall for the week.

Rainbow Shapes: Have the students draw around the shape of each word, following the ascending and descending letters. The students should then repeat this procedure several times, using a different color each time.


Display the completed rainbow activities. Store the pencil, crayons, paints, and paintbrushes in their appropriate containers.

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