December 5th, 2022

Elementary School Resource: Making a Peanut Butter Sandwich

Elementary School Resource

Making a Peanut Butter Sandwich

The day before you do this activity, “psych” the kids up. Tell the children that you are going to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich – only the children are going to give the directions and you (the teacher) will do exactly what they (the children) tell you to do. Brainstorm with the children the items you will need for the next day. On the day of the lesson, gather the children around. Choose one child who thinks they know how to start the sandwich process. If the child says, “Put the peanut butter on the bread”- take the jar of peanut butter and put it on the loaf of bread. Go through the same process with each direction given by each child. If the children cannot verbalize how to prepare the sandwich correctly, have them go home and think about the process again. Try the lesson again the next day. This lesson could take many days before the sandwich is actually constructed.

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