March 22nd, 2017

High School Resource: Differentiated Instruction Reading Strategy: Think-Tac-Toe

High School Resource

Differentiated Instruction Reading Strategy: Think-Tac-Toe

A Think-Tac-Toe is a form of assessment that can be used with all grades and all subjects. The idea is for students to choose three projects to do. The top row focuses on character, the middle row focuses on setting, and the bottom row focuses on theme, but each column allows students to select based on varying learning styles and preferences. Students can select one from each row and any of the three columns (which would include one project from each level), or they could choose either diagonal. Teachers may decide to assign particular groups, allow students to select a group, or have students complete the project independently.

The attached document was created for a historical fiction novel, but works with most full length pieces of literature.

Related NY State Academic Standards: RL.8.10, RI.8.10, RL.9-10.7.a, and more!

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