January 19th, 2016

Study The Civil Rights Movement & its Leaders

Study The Civil Rights Movement

Study the Civil Rights movement with these FREE Educational Resources–all aligned to NY State Academic Standards.

The Civil Rights Movement: HUMAN RIGHTS The Civil Rights Movement: I Have a Dream The Civil Rights Movement: Civil Rights Law


Elementary School

Civil Rights Warriors

In this lesson plan by NNWP, students will research a person connected to the civil rights movement and create a trading card on their researched person.

Related NY State Academic Standards: ELA.3.R.1.B, ELA.3.R.1.L, ELA.3.R.2.M, and more!

Middle School

The Civil Rights Movement

In this lesson plan, students will understand:

  • Beyond the famous leaders of the Civil Rights Movement, ordinary men and women struggled for their beliefs.
  • All the participants—famous and not so famous—deserve to have their stories told.
  • Older people have a responsibility to pass on these stories to younger people.

Related NY State Academic Standards: SS.E.1, SS.E.1.1, SS.E.1.2, and more!

High School

Civil Rights Act of 1964 by History.com

In this multimedia resource, students will watch a video that focuses on the turning points of the Civil Rights movement and the resulting Civil Rights Act.

Related NY State Academic Standards: SS.E.1, SS.C.1.1A, SS.C.1.2D

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