May 14th, 2020

Six Instant Mood Boosters During School Closures and Social Distancing

Happy father have fun teaches little preschool kids to dance in modern living room at home. Dad with son and daughter engaged in funny activity enjoy leisure carefree weekend conceptRight now we are all doing our part to flatten the curve by following social distancing requirements. And since you’ve been home for quite some time now, you might be getting a little stir crazy! Fortunately, there are several simple, no-cost activities that you can do to boost your mood and help you feel less isolated. We’ve created a list of six happiness-inducing activities below. Plus these ideas are just plain fun!

Six Mood Boosters

  1. Hold a Video Call with Your Best Friend. Text messages and phone calls can help you feel less alone, but there is something more comforting about seeing a loved one’s smiling face. Ten-times the fun of your video call by turning your one-on-one conversation into a virtual happy hour with your whole crew. Tools like Skype help groups of friends video chat together.
  2. Laugh Out Loud with TikTok. TikTok is a social media platform for the sharing of short-form mobile videos. Its mission is “to capture and present the world’s creativity, knowledge, and precious life moments.” It is filled with creative videos that will make you laugh-out-loud for hours, including many from your favorite celebrities. It may just inspire you to start creating and sharing new hilarious content.
  3. Take a Virtual Yoga Class. To help ensure we are all relieving stress and still being active, many yoga studios, gyms, and personal fitness instructors are offering classes online through video streaming tools like Facebook Live, YouTube, or Instagram. Stretch out and relax with a virtual course of like-minded new friends. Namaste.
  4. De-Clutter Your Living Space. Use this time to clean up and clean out your house or apartment. Living in a clean, uncluttered space will help reduce anxiety, and donating clothes or furniture to a worthy cause will give you the satisfaction of knowing you are doing something good for others. Donate books you’ve already read to your local Little Free Library. While you’re at it, donate excess canned goods to your local Little Free Pantry.
  5. Go for a Walk. Not only will time in the fresh air and sunshine revive your spirit, but a little exercise will boost your feel-good endorphins. For extra feel-good vibes, smile at everyone you pass—even though you’re six feet apart.
  6. Throw a Dance Party for One. Turn on your favorite music and dance in your living room. With no one watching, you can be as wild, free, or uncoordinated as you’d like. Sing out loud too and fully let loose.

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