January 28th, 2022

High School Resource: Discovering The Arctic: New Places, New Ideas, New Experiences by Discovery Education

High School Resource Discovering The Arctic: New Places, New Ideas, New Experiences by Discovery Education These video chapters explore life and adaptation in the Arctic. The Arctic region is too cold for farming; for example, temperatures may rise above freezing just a few weeks a year. Consequently, the soil remains frozen in a permafrost condition. […]

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September 3rd, 2021

High School Resource: Ancient Creature of the Deep

High School Resource Ancient Creature of the Deep This activity will have students learn about fossils and the evolution that certain species have taken over thousands of years. The students will compare the coelacanth to an eel, and a shark. They will be able to see the similarities and differences in all three creatures’ anatomy. […]

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May 14th, 2021

High School Resource: Plant Reproduction by ECSDM

High School Resource Plant Reproduction by ECSDM This lesson is targeted at Living Environment students in grades 9-12. The content contained in the following presentation delivers important visual and factual information about plant reproduction. The lesson contains both SMART Board resources, as well as United Streaming Videos. Information content includes the anatomy of the leaf […]

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November 1st, 2017

High School Resource: Vernal Pool Organisms

Getting to Know Vernal Pool Organisms A vernal pool is a temporary or semi-permanent body of water, typically filled in the spring by snow melt and spring rain, and holding water for two or three months in the spring and summer. This high school science resource is from The Buffalo Zoo and explores how to […]

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