April 19th, 2021

Elementary School Resource: Protecting Our Planet by Discovery Education

Elementary School Resource Protecting Our Planet by Discovery Education In this activity, students will describe the environmental impact of humans, understand that pollution is harmful to all living things, and give examples of ways we can reduce, reuse, and recycle waste. Related NY State Academic Standards: S.2.ESS.1.1, S.3.LS.4.4, S.4.ESS.3.1, and more! Be sure to check […]

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April 18th, 2016

Earth Day Resources for Your Classroom

Earth Day Resources: Explore the Living Earth, Understand Volcanoes, & Determine the Age of Earth Explore these Earth Day resources to examine the living Earth, understand volcanoes, and determine the age of Earth. All of our FREE Earth Day Educational Resources are all aligned to NY State Academic Standards.   Elementary School The Living Earth In this […]

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